True Legend

Clearly, Yuen Woo Ping is still one of the best in the business when it comes to adrenaline bone crunching fight scenes.

In 1861, Su Can (Vincent Zhao), an honorable Qing Imperial Court (清朝) general led a daring covert mission to rescue a feudal Prince. As a reward, the Prince offered promotion of a Lordship but in modesty, Su Can deferred it to his foster brother Yuan Lie (Andy On) instead. Su Can wanted to start a family with Yuan Lie’s sister, Yuan Ying (Zhou Xun), and to devote perfecting his martial arts.

Five years later, Su Can and Yuan Ying were happily married and lived a blissful life with their young son. There were two things that Sun Can held dearest to his heart, one was the aspiration to create an unparalleled martial art and the other was his beloved wife. On the day Sun Can had a grand opening of his martial art school; Yuan Lie arrived at Sun Can’s house seeking revenge for the death of his father that transpired years ago. Yuan Lie and his troops killed Su Can’s father, Su Wan-kun (Leung Ka-Yan), and massacred the house occupants. He had never forgiven Su Wan-kun for killing his biological father. Apparently acting out of sympathy, Su Wan-kun adopted Yuan Lie and Yuan Ying into his household.
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