Just Another Pandora’s Box

In the land of mystic and magic, a young fairy named Rose (Betty Sun Li) was fascinated by the legend of Purple Cloud Goddess. Seeking to experience the legendary tale herself, she stole the Heavenly Purple Sword from the Goddess and descended to the world of mortal to find her one true love. Rose pledged to herself that anyone who could unsheathe her stolen sword would be her soul mate.

As Rose was rowing her raft along a river, she stumbled into a rope trap and fell into the water. She was saved in a nick of time by a rascal, Qing Ye Se (Ronald Cheng), who set the trap. Seeing a tidy profit upon Rose’s enchanted sword, Qing Yi Se tried to abscond with it. His ploy was witnessed by the Secret Man (Lee Lik-chee) and being caught red-handed, Qing Yi Se attacked the Secret Man with the sheathed Heavenly Purple Sword. The Secret Man, who was an immortal himself, once unsheathed the enchanted sword. He grabbed the sword by the scabbard and warned Qing Yi Se about the tale of the sword including the identity of Rose. However, Qing Yi Se didn’t believe any of it. Then the Secret Man pulled the scabbard and vanished while the Heavenly Purple Sword was unsheathed in the hand of Qing Ye Se.
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