Almost Perfect

This period drama comedy was set during the Ming Dynasty and it began with a tale of a famous carpenter named Lu Ban (Yan Jian Ping) from the State of Lu at the time of Warring States period in ancient China. Lu Ban was an extraordinary carpenter and his carpentry skill was almost magical. At first, he created a mechanical wooden horse for his mother but once his mother rode it, it never came back. Being away from his work, he wanted to visit his wife often. Thereon, Lu Ban invented a wooden glide so that he could fly to visit his wife. His invention worked but then Lu Ban’s father wanted to search for his missing wife using the wooden glide. Without knowing how to use the wooden glide, Lu Ban’s father also vanished. Lu Ban jotted down all his masterpiece and inventions on a manuscript. He realized that even though his carpentry had reached perfection level, it would have a repercussion. The side effect of his creation would cause to lose a moral, intelligence, luck, a limb, or even a life to the creator or the immediate relatives. Thereupon, Lu Ban titled his manuscript as Lack in One.
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