Just Call Me Nobody

Just Call Me Nobody is scheduled for release on December 3rd. It’s a wuxia comedy produced by joint venture of Yanping Pictures, Media China and Bona International Film and directed by Chu Yen-ping. Xiao ShenYang, Kelly Lin and Zhao BenShan lead the main cast with supporting cast of Eric Tsang, Xu ShaoQiang, and Jacky Wu. Xiao ShenYang plays as a shoemaker who studied martial art from a hermit, Jacky Wu, after he fell into the bottom of a valley. Zhao BenShan plays as a ruffian who pestered on Xiao ShenYang with his men, and Kelly Lin plays as a princess with Eric Tsang as her bodyguard.

Remake of the Lady Generals of Yang Family

3rd version of 2011 release of the Lady Generals of Yang Family remake will start filming next month. Cecilia Cheung is the leading cast for Jackie Chan’s production along with Richie Ren, Zheng Pei Pei, and Liu Xiao Qing. Another version release for 2011 is starring Fang Bingbing, Sammo Hung and Barbie Hsu while Andy Lau’s version is titled Unshakable Military Orders starring Michelle Yeoh, Zhang ZiYi, Gong Li, Tang Wei, and Zhou Xun.

Kung Fu Wing Chun

Kung Fu Wing Chun will be opening in Mainland China on November 2nd. It’s a romantic martial art comedy starring Bai Jing, Yu Shao Qun, and Kara Hui with supporting cast of Ngai Sing, Yuen Wah, Yuen Qiu, Austin Wai, Xiao Jian, and Dong Zhi Hua. Bai Jing was selected among sixty other actresses to play the role of Yan Yong Chun as the founder of Wing Chun. Producer Ng See Yuen downplayed Bai Jing’s theatrical school background for his decision to choose her as the leading cast. Kung Fu Wing Chun is directed by Joe Cheung and choreographed by Kong Tao Hoi and Tung Wai.

My Own Swordsman Begin Filming

Mainland China state-owned China Film Group and private media conglomerate Chinavision Media Group have announced to begin filming of My Own Swordsman. A sequel to 2006 CCTV’s popular TV comedy serial of the same title, the film assembles its original crew and cast which includes director Shang Jing and chief screenwriter Ning Cai Shen. Yan Ni and Yao Chen will once again lead the main cast with Yu En Tai, Sha Yi, and Jing Chao as supporting casts. The original 2006 TV serial was an eighty episodes comedy set in a remote town in ancient China with modern social culture and trends dialogue.

Wong Kar Wai’s the Grand Master

With the success of Ip Man and Ip Man 2 at the box offices, the fourth Ip Man version, the Grand Master, is now in post-production. At one time, Wong Kar Wai’s the Grand Master was on production at the same time with Wilson Yip’s Ip Man. It was initially thought it would be released first. But injury to the leading cast, Tony Leung, during the training delayed the filming for several months. The Grand Master is starring Tony Leung, Zhang ZiYi, and Song Hye Kyo. No time table for release date and it does appear to be coming. Tentative plot revolves the early life of Ip Man in the mid 1930’s at the city of Foshan, Southern China.

Flying Swords of Dragon Gate

Tsui Hark denied his new production, Flying Swords of Dragon Gate, as the remake of his 1992 Dragon Gate Inn. He explained the Flying Sword of Dragon Gate is rather a spin off from his version of Dragon Gate Inn with a new story and characters. The production started filming on October 10th near Beijing. This US$ 45 million budget movie is produced by Bona International Film Group, China Film Group, and the Oriental Media Group. It will be shot entirely in 3D. Jet Li is the leading cast alongside Zhou Xun, Chen Kun, Fan Siu Wong, Li Yuan and Guey Lun Mei.

Counterfeit TVB’s Legend of the Condor Heroes 1983 DVD

Misspelling the cover text is one of giveaway signs for counterfeit DVD produced in Asia, albeit not in every case. Another thing to look for is the quality of the cover image whereas it has a dull appearance on the DVD box. Today’s sample is TVB’s Legend of the Condor Heroes (1983) sold from walawala.net. Aside from the cover design that’s totally different from the original box set, the word Legend was spelled incorrectly.

A few years ago, walawala.net had an eBay store listing. However, it was banned by eBay due to their practice of selling counterfeit DVD. On their site, they claimed they do not carry pirated copies. However, the shipped merchandise proved otherwise. Continue reading “Counterfeit TVB’s Legend of the Condor Heroes 1983 DVD”

Counterfeit A Romance of Three Kingdoms DVD

With so many copies of counterfeit DVD being sold in the internet, you may be wondering whether the version you just purchased is authentic. One such counterfeit sample is the 1994 CCTV version of A Romance of Three Kingdoms DVD sold from Shiningo.com. The cover design had a misspelled English title of the TV serial. It was spelled Roman instead of Romance.

Shiningo.com site has a mirror site called store.globaleasysell.com. They also have eBay store called stores.ebay.com/GoYaangZee. Chances are, if you’d ever purchased any DVD from these sites, they are most likely counterfeit. Buy at your own risk and you should deal with reputable online sellers when purchasing your favorite TV serials DVD. Continue reading “Counterfeit A Romance of Three Kingdoms DVD”