Jane Zhang – Only For Love

The Banquet

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Soundtrack for The Banquet by Jane Zhang released in 2006. It’s a loose adaptation of William Shakespeare’s Hamlet directed by Feng XiaoGang starring Zhang ZiYi, Zhou Xun, Daniel Wu, and Ge You. At the time, it was the most expensive (150 million Yuan) China’s movie production ever made.

Song: Only For Love
Theme: The Banquet
Artist: Jane Zhang

The breathless whisper of a single verse
And loneliness blossoms within my heart
The shimmer of a single dream
And my world is undone
The memory of a single tenderness
And the sting of love reignites my wounds
In the moment when a single tear falls
All hatred becomes a distant blur
I can love you with all that I am
But even this cannot return you to me
From now on I will live as a shadow
Forever in the past…

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