Legend of the Swordsman Teaser Trailer

Legend of the Swordsman

Wuxia comedy Legend of the Swordsman is now in post-production. Formerly known as Legend of the Blademaster project, it’s a film that has been in a work for three years. It was initially intended for October release. Now, it is has been pushed back for November release.

Legend of the Swordsman was filmed in the desert of NingXia back in June, and it will take roughly six months to finish the post-processing special effects. Director Yuan Hong Bing is hoping to add finesse and effective action scenes in addition to hilarious plot. The main casts are Ashton Chen, He Jie, Law Kar Ying, and Leung Kar-Yan, who also served as action director. The film is about a villager enlists the help of three martial art masters to help defend the village against a group of desert brigands.

[pro-player width=’350′ height=’250′ type=’video’ image=’http://mywuxia.com/images/proplayer/LOTSplayer.jpg’]http://mywuxia.com/videos/Legendoftheswordsman.flv[/pro-player]

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