Roman Tam – The Romantic Swordsman

Roman Tam

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Opening theme of 1978 TVB’s classic the Romantic Swordsman adapted from Gu Long’s novel, Sentimental Swordsman, Ruthless Sword. It’s one of the most popular song by the Godfather of Cantopop, Roman Tam. The thirteen episodes TV serial first aired in 1978 starring Paul Chu, Wong Yuen-sun, Wong Hang-sau and Maggie Li.

Song: The Romantic Swordsman
Theme: The Romantic Swordsman 1978
Artist: Roman Tam

Though blessed with enviable rare abilities,
In the end, I couldn’t overcome the obstacles of love
I couldn’t figure out the subtleties of love
No matter how wildly I swung my sword, nothing changed

Just as it’s impossible to sever a running stream with a knife,
It’s just as hard to break through the thousands of knots
And tangles of the binding threads of destiny
The blade’s edge is now cold, but our love has still its warmth,
The knowledge of which further added to the pain at the bottom of my heart

The merciless blade never repents
Our fate ends here yet all we can do is to sigh why
I fear not even in the face of death but when we part, sorrow overtakes

How often do we lose heart in life?
Oh fate, why must you choose me?
I wield my sword and shatter the promise we made
For our rendezvous was destined to be a mistake all along

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