The New Monkey King Starts Filming November 15th

The Monkey King

Production of the Monkey King gets underway this week which dubbed as the biggest budget of Chinese language movie to date (around US$ 45 million). It will be filmed in full stereoscopic 3D and IMAX that heavily depends on Hollywood’s VFX consultant. The Monkey King is scheduled for release in mainland China cinemas in July 2012. The movie is adapted from Chinese classic Journey to the West and it’s directed by Ah Gan.

The region’s stellar cast members to join the production include:

Donnie Yen as Sun Wo Kong
Aaron Kwok as Bull Demon King
Chow Yun Fat as Jade Emperor
Peter Ho as Er LangShen
Chen Qiao En as Princess Iron Fan
Cecelia Cheung as NuWa
Gigi Leung as Chang’E
Kelly Chen as Guan Yin
Fan Siu Wong as Ju Ling Shen
Liu Hua as Dragon King of the East Sea
Hai YiTian as Subhuti
Li Jing as Green Fur Monkey
Eddie Cheung as Pagoda Bearing Heavenly King Li Jing
Calvin Chen as Nezha
Law Chung Him as Muzha

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