White Vengeance Finished Filming

White Vengeance or Hong Men Yan (鴻門宴) is the latest movie by writer-director Daniel Lee, which is a direct reference to what is known as one of the most famous feasts in history, Feast at Hong Gate. After three months of intense filming schedules, the shooting of White Vengeance is coming to an end. The movie is expected to wrap up production next month.

The Feast at Hong Gate was a well-known event in China around 206 BCE where warring general Xiang Yu (項羽) was motivated to assassinate his rival, Liu Bang (劉邦). This landmark historical event occurred after the destruction of the mighty Qin Dynasty (秦朝) at the hands of Xiang Yu and Liu Bang where it served as the catalyst of the fallout between the two great generals. Xiang Yu, the more powerful of the two generals, had an opportunity to kill his rival during the feast. But he was reluctant to do so; he instead committed the first of a series of blunders that led to his defeat.

White Vengeance featured as strong cast of Leon Lai, Feng ShaoFeng, Crystal Liu Yi Fei, Anthony Wong, Zhang HanYu, Jordan Chan, and Andy On.

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