Huayi Brothers Tai Chi 0

Huayi Brothers’ latest project, “Tai Chi” trilogy has been on production for sometimes since the middle of last year. Its initial promotional poster attracted a lot of overseas producers after it was unveiled during the 64th Cannes Film Festival. According to Huayi Brothers, the tentative titles for the trilogy are “Tai Chi 0”, “Tai Chi Hero”, and “Tai Chi Summit”.

Huayi Brothers’ president Wang ZhongLei said, “The 0 in the title is the number zero, hinting that this would be a trilogy that starts from zero. Every film would not only have exciting selling points but also tell the complete story of how a generation of Tai Chi master was born”. Tai Chi whether in terms of genre, plot or casting would be ‘From Zero to Hero’.”

Tentative Synopsis:

An uncommonly gifted child, Yang LuChan (杨露禅), has a fleshy abnormality that holds tremendous power growing on his forehead. However, being teased as the town’s fool, Yang’s mother spurs him to practice martial arts. By following her wishes, Yang travels the distance to come to famous Chen Village (陈家沟) to learn Tai Chi.

At this legendary village, everyone practices Tai Chi and uses it in every aspect of their lives. Nevertheless, it is forbidden for a villager to teach Tai Chi to an outsider, and Yang learns this the hard way.

Upon arriving at the village, the locals discourage Yang by challenging him in fights. From the strong men to old ladies and even children, everyone defeats Yang with their Tai Chi stances. He then befriended a rather poor and strange looking man.

After facing the toughest fight and being defeated by Master of the Chen Village’s beautiful daughter YuNiang, Yang is determined to master the art of Tai Chi. Little does Yang know, the poor strange man who he befriended is in fact Master of the famous Chen Village. Master of the Chen Village saved him from the duel with YuNiang. Master of the Chen Village realizes Yang’s abnormal ability and disguises himself to secretly guide Yang to his self-realization of Tai Chi.

One day, a giant steam-powered machine called Troy No.1 comes to the village, led by Fang ZiJing, who is a childhood friend of YuNiang. He has bribed government officials to permit him to build a railway that will run straight through the village. Yang decides to join forces with YuNiang to defeat Fang ZiJing and destroy the machine. This brave act may just win the hearts of the villagers…

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