Game of Assassins

Game of Assassins is one of a handful period drama/wuxia genre movies that are scheduled for 2012 release. However, this China’s production has limited media publicity. Other than promotional posters, there is no teaser trailer or set release date. Game of Assassin is directed by Miao Shu and with it stars Leung Kar-Yan as King of Wei in addition with veteran Chen Kuan Tai as General Tu Jia. Other supporting casts are Jiang Chao as King of Chu, Wu Ma, Francis Ng, Dong ZhiHua, Xie YuanJiang, Zhou YiChen, and Frankie Chan.

Tentative plot of Game of Assassins is about General Tu Jia who trains a trio of young assassins to seek revenge against villainous King of Wei. And one of the assassins succumbs to the dark side for temptation of wealth and power.

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