Ronny Yu’s Saving General Yang

Director Ronny Yu’s mega-budget period drama war movie Saving General Yang is scheduled for October 2012 release. It’s one of most anticipated wuxia genre films slated for 2012. Production began in August 19th of last year in Kaifeng, Henan Province, China. This ¥ 170 million movie is a collaboration of Film and Television Production Group Co., Ltd., Huayi Brothers Media Corporation, and Pegasus Film Production Co Ltd (Hong Kong). Based on a hugely successful series of books and plays, the film has twice been adapted for television in Hong Kong and so anticipation for a big screen version is expected to be high.


Adam Cheng as Yang Ye
Ekin Cheng as Yang Da Lang (Eldest son)
Wu Chun as Yang Liu Lang (Sixth Son)
Raymond Lam as Yang Wu Lang (Fifth Son)
Vic Zhou as Yang San Lang (Third Son)
Li Chen as Yang Si Lang (Fourth Son)
Yu Bo as Yang Er Lang (Second Son)
Fu XinBo as Yang Qi Lang (Youngest son)
Xu Fan as She Taijun
Ady An as Princess Chai

Saving General Yang Promo

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