Lu Chuan’s the Last Supper in Post Production

The Lu Chuan directed version of the “Feast at Hong Gate” finished filming last November 5th, 2011. Now, The Last Supper (王的盛宴) is post production stage and no confirm schedule of release other than sometimes this year. The Last Supper is a story about two warring generals fighting for control of China at the end of the Qin Dynasty. It also centers on the legendary “Feast at Hong Gate” (206 BCE) where Xiang Yu invited his long time mentor Liu Bang to a banquet with the intention of assassinating him. “Feast at Hong Gate” has become a Chinese expression for an invitation to a meal that has sinister implications. The film stars Liu Ye as Liu Bang and Daniel Wu as Xiang Yu. Chang Chen plays the role of another historical figure, Han Xin. Actresses in the film include Qin Lan and Mini Yang with popular comedienne Yan Ni who also joined the cast.

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