Chen ChuSheng – Forgetful World

Chen ChuSheng, winner of Superboy Singing Contest in 2007, sang promotional theme song for Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame. He eventually did the theme song for the film, but it’s not as popular as the promo. Forgetful World is included in 2nd Album, Legend of the Shadow released in December, 2010.

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Song: Forgetful World
Theme: Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame
Artist: Chen ChuSheng

Forgetful World

I see the world in a sunset, and your silhouette
And I wish I could sing out my solitude loud
My blood is fiery, boiling, like the reddest flower
Fearing nothing in its fullest bloom

Oh, yet in the end we have just one cup of wine,
Oh, and if we get drunk we have only some tears to shed,
Oh, but I see how hard it is for you to break away,
Oh, our tears will dry up quick, but will our loneliness do too?

I know how absurd this world is,
Yet we cannot laugh such absurdity away.
Who on earth does not get old anyway?
Who might cry for us if we vanish one day?
Whoever even knows?
I would rather share a stupid dream with you today,
since we will have to forget it anyway.
Who will remember our shared laughter today?
Why bother to ask where our hearts will go next?
Pray, let’s just sing out loud, wine-cups in hand.
I will sing out loud myself, but really I don’t know
Who will hear me, or sing together with me…

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