Sa DingDing & Wu Tsing Fong – Sword, River, Rain

Sword, Rain, River is the official theme song of Reign of Assassins performed by Sa DingDing and Wu Tsing Fong. The song is taken from the context of deep love from “Stone Zen” story by Buddha and his disciple, Ananda. “Stone Zen” is about a conversation between Buddha and his disciple, Ananda, prior he became a monk. Ananda met a beautiful woman and fell in love with her. Buddha asked him, “How much do you love her?” Ananda replied, “I am willing to incarnate into a stone bridge and endure 500 years of wind, 500 years of sunlight, and 500 years of rain. I only ask if she would walk over the stone bridge”.

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Song: Sword, Rain, River (A Floating Life of Swords and Rain)
Theme: Reign of Assassins
Artist: Sa DingDing and Wu Tsing Fong

Sword, Rain, River

Lalala …
I’m a flower that travels freely (2x)

A burning affection in the sword rain, a bud that grows from an emerald
A silent flower turns wild, a scar within the beauty
In five hundred years, that stone bridge wind had been scattered into sands
Just because you’ve ever crossed it, so waited for you

Lalala …
I’m a flower that travels freely (4x)

If eyes closed, the city can’t be seen clearly, hard to tell it’s fake or real
If let go the hand and leave, forever will stay at there again

To love and to be loved in this world, no matter how many years it takes,
It’s not faraway wherever you are, past and future life of worries

Lalala …
I’m a flower that travels freely (4x)

Start all over again this winter, deliberately let the love and hatred cool down
Sun rises, flowers bloom, this is an endless curtain down
Alone, as far as the eyes can see the til end of the world, there where you are, my home
From now on won’t afraid anymore, ask me to be a free flower

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