Choy Lit Fut Begin Filming

A new martial art comedy, Choy Li Fut, began filming in Guanzhou early this month. The movie is starring former Shaolin disciple Wang Bao Qiang and directed by Cheng Dong. Other leading casts are Michelle Ye Xuan, Ng Man Tat, Xie Miao, Kara Hui, Xiong Nai Jin, Wong Yat Fei, Liu Han, and Sanda champion Liu Hai Long.

Choy Li Fut will be Wang Bao Qiang martial art flick feature debut and once again will be collaborated with Michelle Ye Xuan since Fire of Conscience. In Choy Li Fut, Michelle Ye Xuan will be Wang Bao Qiang’s love interest and Ng Man Tat will play Wang Bao Qiang’s father. In the movie, Wang Bao Qiang will play as American Born Chinese youth Hai Gui who returns to China to succeed a Choy Li Fut martial art school. Choy Li Fut is scheduled for release at the end of 2010.

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