Zhao’s Orphan

Zhao’s Orphan is now in post production. The upcoming release of period drama movie is directed by Chen Kaige with A-list China’s actors, Ge You and Huang XiaoMing, starring the lead roles.

Ge You will taken on the role as Cheng Ying, the rural doctor who sacrificed his own son to save the newborn baby of Zhao Dun, the chancellor of the Jin Kingdom (679 BCE – 403 BCE) whose whole family is executed because of political slander. Rising star Huang XiaoMing will play the grown-up orphan of Zhao, who seeks revenge from the rival family behind the killings of his family.

Fan BingBing, who replaced South Korean star Song Hye-kyo a month after the initial production, will play the leading female role as Lady Zhuang.

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