Jenny Tseng – Heroes Shed No Tears

Heroes Shed No Tears

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Opening theme song of Shaw Brothers’ classic Heroes Shed No Tears released in 1980 performed by Jenny Tseng. She was the wife of Alexander Fu Sheng the main actor who played as Gao JianFei. Heroes Shed No Tears is an adaptation of Gu Long’s novel.

Song: Heroes Shed No Tears
Theme: Heroes Shed No Tears
Artist: Jenny Tseng

Cold ins the sword,
Its beam breaks the night sky
Tear is a song,
Its melody doesn’t go with a hero
Dignity mirrors the world,
As snow reflects light
As unstable as snowflakes,
The future is under mist
Alas my love, alas my love
Why to fall in love,
When love is impossible
Why go in the dark
When light is unavailable
Tear as blood, both are hurting
All that matters, is a clear conscience
A conscience brighter than
The stars and moon
A conscience that lets you tread alone
Tear is a song,
Its melody doesn’t go with a hero
Longing as a song,
Its melody sung by a hero
A conscience that lets you go alone
Heroes do not shed tears that lightly
To the farthest corners, go awash their footprints
Heroic tears are not easily shed
Rippling to the farthest corners,
Go their tracks

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