Jenny Tseng – Butterfly Dance

Heroes Shed No Tears

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Sub-theme soundtrack from Shaw Brothers’ classic Heroes Shed No Tears directed by Chor Yuen. Jenny Tseng sang for Angie Chiu’s dance scene. Alexander Fu Sheng and Derek Yee starred in this Gu Long’s novel adaptation along with veteran wuxia genre Ku Feng.

Song: Butterfly Dance
Theme: Heroes Shed No Tears
Artist: Jenny Tseng

Heartless swordsman’s life without a dream
It’s like a dream to dance for your Lordship

A lone star in a cold month to be parted forever
Turned into butterfly to dance for your Lordship

It resembles like a falling cotton, it resembles like a flying great wild goose
Regret at the beginning of spring, feeling pity in autumn
There is no one to ask about the music that touched the break of time
To wish to leave, to wish to wait

Intended to meet each others, but once again it faded and fallen
The cage went up in smoke to dance for your Lordship

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