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Jane Zhang – Incomparable Under the Heaven

[pro-player width=’350′ height=’250′ type=’video’ image=’http://mywuxia.com/images/proplayer/Condorheroesplayer.jpg’]http://mywuxia.com/videos/Incomparableundertheheaven.flv[/pro-player] Jane Zhang sang the opening theme adaptation of Jin Yong’s the Return of the Condor Heroes. It’s a Zhang JiZhong’s production aired in 2006. Huang XiaoMing starred as Yang Guo and Liu YiFei as Xiao LongNu. Song: Incomparable Under the Heaven Theme: Condor Heroes Artist: Jane Zhang

Teresa Cheung – Ask the World

[pro-player width=’350′ height=’250′ type=’video’ image=’http://mywuxia.com/images/proplayer/ROCH1983player1.jpg’]http://mywuxia.com/videos/Asktheworld.flv[/pro-player] Sub-theme from TVB’s the Return of the Condor Heroes which aired in 1983 performed by Teresa Cheung. Lyric was written by Yuan Man Hou and music composed by Joseph Koo Kar Fai. The TV serial starred Andy Lau and Idy Chan. Song: Ask the World Theme: The Return of the […]

Teresa Cheung – When Will We Meet Each Other Again?

[pro-player width=’350′ height=’250′ type=’video’ image=’http://mywuxia.com/images/proplayer/ROCH1983player.jpg’]http://mywuxia.com/videos/Whenwillwemeeteachotheragain.flv[/pro-player] Teresa Cheung sang opening theme for TVB’s adaptation of Jin Yong’s the Return of the Condor Heroes aired in 1983. It’s a 50 episodes TV serial starring Andy Lau as Yang Guo and Idy Chan as Xiao LongNu. This version is widely regarded as the best dramatized version of the […]

Chang YongQiang and Jin PeiShan – Riding Along the JiangHu Path

[pro-player width=’350′ height=’250′ type=’video’ image=’http://mywuxia.com/images/proplayer/ROCH1984player.jpg’]http://mywuxia.com/videos/Ridingalongthejianghupath.flv[/pro-player] Opening theme song for not so well known Taiwan’s CTV adaptation of Jin Yong’s the Return of the Condor Heroes aired in 1984 performed by Chang YongQiang and Jin PeiShan. This version of the Return of the Condor Heroes starred Meng Fei as Yang Guo and Angela Pan as Xiao […]