Tai Chi 2: The Hero Rises Set For October 25th Release

Tai Chi 2: The Hero Rises (太極Ⅱ:英雄崛起) will be screened in IMAX3D format at mainland China theaters beginning October 25th. The 2D/3D format will be scheduled for released on November 11th. The second installment of the Tai Chi trilogy continues the journey of Yang Luchan (楊露禪), a gifted child with a fleshy growth on his forehead, who helped save a village from a frightening army of steam-punk soldiers bearing strange machines. Continue reading “Tai Chi 2: The Hero Rises Set For October 25th Release”

The Assassins Release Date

The Assassins (铜雀台), previously known as Bronze Sparrow Terrace or Bronze Sparrow Platform (铜雀台), starring Chow Yun Fat (周潤發) and actress Crystal Liu YiFei (刘亦菲) will be released on September 28 worldwide. The film is the first installment of a planned trilogy. The plot follows a pair of young lovers Mu Shun (Hiroshi Tamaki) and Ling Ju (Liu YiFei), who undergo training in a prisoner-of-war camp to become assassins. The pair later undertake a secret mission against famous strategist Cao Cao (Chow Yun Fat) who is rumored to plan to overthrow the Emperor. Liu YiFei will also be taking dual role in the Assassins as Ling Ju’s mother.

The Lion Roar 2 Release Date

Joe Ma’s (馬偉豪) the Lion Roar 2 (河东狮吼) is set to release on August 17th. The film is the sequel of 2002 comedy the Lion Roar (我家有一只河东狮). Lion Roar 2 stars Cecilia Cheung (張栢芝) and mainland actors Xiao ShenYang (小沈阳). The story of the movie is set during China’s Three Kingdoms period (三國時代), where in a respected father despairs of his sassy unmarried daughter Ying Ying and persuades her to marry within a year. Her match is China’s greatest military strategist of the time, Zhuge Liang (诸葛亮). Zhuge Liang has had trouble finding a woman who is both attractive, clever and strong willed. Ying Ying and Zhuge Liang agree for a trial marriage for a year. Continue reading “The Lion Roar 2 Release Date”

The Last Supper Will Premiere at 37th Toronto Film Festival

The Last Supper (王的盛宴) is scheduled for release at 37th Toronto Film Festival after the State Administrator of Radio, Film, and Television denied its original July’s premiere plan. “Last Supper” is a new adaptation of the famous story “Banquet at HongMen (鴻門宴)” from the “Records of the Grand Historian (史記).” After Xiang Yu (項羽) wins a few battles against the State of Qin (秦朝), he hosts a banquet as part of a plot to kill his ally, Liu Bang (劉邦), at HongMen (鴻門) , but the plan ends in failure. Toronto Film Festival is running from September 6th to 16th. Continue reading “The Last Supper Will Premiere at 37th Toronto Film Festival”

Tai Chi 0 Character Posters Released

Huayi Brothers film, Tai Chi 0 (太極), has released character posters for the upcoming released of the movie, which is scheduled for September 28th in Mainland China. The second part of the trilogy, Tai Chi 2: The Hero Rises (太極Ⅱ:英雄崛起) will be released on October 26th while the 3rd film is currently in production. Tai Chi 0 is directed by Stephen Fung (馮德倫) and produced by Chen Kuo Fu (陳國富). The movie features Tony Leung Ka Fai (梁家輝), Angelababy ((楊穎) , Eddie Peng (彭于晏), Shu Qi (舒淇), and Daniel Wu (吳彥祖) with supporting actors Taiwanese newcomer Guai Ka (怪咖) and Nikky Hsieh (謝欣穎). Continue reading “Tai Chi 0 Character Posters Released”

The Sword Identity DVD Release Date

Lionsgate will release The Sword Identity (倭寇的踪迹) DVD on August 14. The film is directed and choreographed by Xu FaoFeng (徐浩峰 ) and was released world wide during the Venice Film Festival last September. The Sword Identity is starring Yu ChengHui (于承惠), Song Yang (宋洋) and Zhao YuanYuan (赵媛媛), which is now currently being screened at New York Asian Film Festival.

Bobby Chen – Left to Their Own Sadness

Left to Their Own Sadness by Bobby Chen (陈升) is the sub-theme of Mainland China’s wuxia comedy Just Call Me Nobody (把悲伤留给自己). It’s a classic mandarin song released in 1991. Eric Tsang (曾志偉), Kelly Lin (林熙蕾), Xiao ShenYang (小瀋陽), and producer Zhao BenShan (趙本山)are among the cast of this comedy.
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Great Wudang Teaser Trailer

Great Wudang (大武当之天地密码) directed by Patrick Leung (梁柏坚) will be released on July 17. The film is collaboration with Corey Yuen (元奎), who handled the action choreography. The action martial art film features Vincent Zhao (赵文卓), Yang Mi (杨幂), Fan Siu Wong (樊少皇), and Xu Jiao (徐娇). Great Wudang is set in the early 20th century, following an American who brings his well-trained daughter to compete at the martial arts tournament at Wudang Mountain to steal the treasures. The treasure is the key of the magnetic field of Wudang, if it’s stolen, Wudang would be devastated. In order to protect Wudang, a group of young heroes rallied to defeat the intruders. Continue reading “Great Wudang Teaser Trailer”

House of the Flying Laptops

Intel recently just released advertisement campaign titled House of the Flying Laptops, which is a part of more than $100 million cinematic television commercials to promote its new Ultrabook brand. The latest of the series features two ladies of martial artists competing for a lone power source for their laptops. The wuxia style advertisement gets its inspiration from Zhang YiMou’s (張藝謀) 2004 House of the Flying Daggers (十面埋伏). Continue reading “House of the Flying Laptops”

The Four Marshals Trailer Released

The first trailer of the Four Marshals (四大名捕) directed by Gordon Chan (陈嘉) is released during the unveiling of the film promotional at Beijing International Film Festival last Monday. Worldwide release date is set for July 12 this upcoming summer. The Four Marshals features Liu YiFei (刘亦菲), Deng Chao (邓超), Collin Chou (邹兆龙), and Ronald Cheng (郑中基).
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