The Grandmasters 2nd Trailer Released

Director Wong Kar Wai‘s latest movie, The Grandmasters, recently released its second trailer. Tony Leung Chiu Wai stars as the late wing chun master Ip Man. It’s the 3rd films about the legendary martial artist, whose students included Bruce Lee.  Other a stellar cast of the movie includes Zhang Ziyi, South Korean star Song Hye Kyo, comedian Zhao BenShan and Xiao ShenYang. The movie is set against the backdrop of the martial art world during the Republican Period. There will be other kung fu masters and schools making appearances in the movie.

This $25 million Mandarin-language biopic of Ip Man began filming back in December 2009. However Wong Kar Wai’s attention to even the tiniest detail meant it has stopped and started again numerous times with the delays frustrating many. Continue reading “The Grandmasters 2nd Trailer Released”