The Last Supper Trailer Released

First trailer of the Last Supper (王的盛宴) is released to promote its upcoming mainland China nationwide premier on July 5th. The Last Supper is based on the well-known historical event the HongMen Banquet, which took place in 206 BCE. The film is directed by Lu Chuan (陸川) and starring Daniel Wu (吳彥祖) as Xiang Yu in addition to Liu Ye (劉燁) as Liu Bang. Lu Chuan mentioned that the Last Supper is not about the event on the Hong Gate Banquet, but it’s rather revolved the fate of the group of people. Produced by the China Film Group, Stellar Mega Films Ltd., and Emperor Motion Pictures, and it is regarded as one of the most anticipated period drama of the year. Continue reading “The Last Supper Trailer Released”

Bronze Sparrow Pavillion Finished Filming

Bronze Sparrow Pavilion is a mainland China’s Changchun Film Studio production featuring directorial debut of Zhao Lin-Shan. The majority of the filming was done in Hebei, which just recently completed. The script is written by renowned Chinese director Zhang YiMou, the writer for Hero, the House of Flying Daggers and Riding Alone for Thousands of Miles. Bronze Sparrow Pavilion is a historical romance film revolves around a love story between Cao Cao, a renowned warlord during the Three Kingdoms era, and a beautiful young woman named Ling Ju. According to Zhao Lin-Shan, the character of Ling Ju was inspired by the recent discovery of a young woman’s bones in the newly excavated of Cao Cao’s tomb in Henan Province. Continue reading “Bronze Sparrow Pavillion Finished Filming”

Pandora’s Sword in Post Production

Director Li KeLong’s period drama comedy will debut singer Eddy Ou (歐漢聲). Pandora’s Sword finished filming last November and there is not much media exposure.
Other cast are Chen YaLi, Teddy Lin, Mark Cheng, Zhang WeiXun, and Deng ZiFeng. It’s been reported that Zhang Jie will sing the theme song. Tentative stroy line is about young people searching for ideal love.

Game of Assassins Trailer

First trailer teaser for director Miao Shu’s Game of Assassins is released. The film is currently in post production and no words for specific release date. Game of Assassins is starring Chen Kuan-Tai as a general who trains a trio of young fighters to seek revenge on a villainous King, played by Leung Kar-Yan. Canadian Chinese actor Darren Choo, comedic actor Jiang Qiao, and Jacky Jing are the supporting cast. Continue reading “Game of Assassins Trailer”

Reign of Assassins

In 418 CE during the Liu Song Dynasty (劉宋, 420-479 CE), Bodhidharma came to China from India. He was a former Brahman Prince of South India, who became a monk. Bodhidharma earned a reputation as a mystical martial artist during his stay at the JinHua Mountains. Following his death, it was believed his mummified remains have some sort of magical properties and whomever possessed it would control the martial art world. Soon after, the mummified remains of Bodhidharma was stolen from his burial site at Mount Xionger and split into halves. The remains mysteriously disappeared until a rumor surfaced that a high ranking official of Ming Dynasty (大明, 1368-1644 CE), Prime Minister Zhang HaiDuan (Lee Hing-Cheung) owned half of it. Continue reading “Reign of Assassins”

Painted Skin 2: Resurrection Teaser Trailer Released

Painted Skin 2: Resurrection teaser trailer is released. The sequel of Painted Skin (2008) will premier on June 28, 2012. Directed by Wu Ershan, Painted Skin 2: Resurrection boasts star-studded cast including Zhou Xun, Zhao Wei, Chen Kun, Feng ShaoFeng and Yang Mi.
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Sa DingDing & Wu Tsing Fong – Sword, River, Rain

Sword, Rain, River is the official theme song of Reign of Assassins performed by Sa DingDing and Wu Tsing Fong. The song is taken from the context of deep love from “Stone Zen” story by Buddha and his disciple, Ananda. “Stone Zen” is about a conversation between Buddha and his disciple, Ananda, prior he became a monk. Ananda met a beautiful woman and fell in love with her. Buddha asked him, “How much do you love her?” Ananda replied, “I am willing to incarnate into a stone bridge and endure 500 years of wind, 500 years of sunlight, and 500 years of rain. I only ask if she would walk over the stone bridge”.
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Painted Skin 2: Resurrection Poster Promo

New character posters for Painted Skin 2: Resurrection directed by Wu Ershan were released during public promotion of the movie in Beijing, China. Seven promotional posters of the characters are done in full visual fantasy styles with a mix of different personalities and stories. Chen Kun who will play as General Huo Xin is pictured with fire background while the poster of Zhou Xun who will play as Xiao Wei is pictured with ice background. Wu Ershan wanted to portray the relationship of General Huo Xin and Xiao Wei as being fire and ice. No release date has been confirmed. Painted Skin 2: Resurrection is produced by a collaboration of NingXia Film Group Co., Ltd, HuaYi Brothers, and Kirin Pictures. Continue reading “Painted Skin 2: Resurrection Poster Promo”

Perfect World’s Heavenly Sword Dragon Saber MMORPG Poster Promo

Perfect World (Nasdaq: PWRD) is China’s leading online game company. One of their current online games scheduled for release in 2012 is an adaptation of Jin Yong’s Heavenly Sword Dragon Saber. The game has also been authorized by Jin Yong himself, according to the Perfect World’s official release statement. Recently, the company released promotional poster using some of China’s rising TV actresses. Continue reading “Perfect World’s Heavenly Sword Dragon Saber MMORPG Poster Promo”

The Smiling, Proud Wanderer 2012 Will Begin Filming

Huang Jian Zhong (黄建中) and Yu Zheng (于正) will produce new TV series remake of Jin Yong’s the Smiling, Proud Wanderer (笑傲江湖). Filming will begin on March 15th in Yunnan, China. It is reported the production cost is up to RMB 200 millions. Huang Jian Zhong’s production will be the most expensive Jin Yong’s adaptation to date. This is not the first Jin Yong’s adaptation of The Smiling, Proud Wanderer for Huang Jian Zhong, who also directed the 2001 version of CCTV’s Laughing in the Wind. Only weeks before filming, there are no official confirmation of the casting for this TV series remake. Continue reading “The Smiling, Proud Wanderer 2012 Will Begin Filming”