Filming Legend of the Blademaster Began

The production of a new wuxia genre comedy titled Legend of the Blademaster directed by Yuan Hong Bing began this month. The movie leading role is Asthon Chen as incompetent swordsman who boasts his way around town by pretending to be the infamous Beggar Su. Other notable cast members include He Jie, Law Kar Ying, Leung Kar-Yan, and Gao Jun.

Aston Chen and He Jie
Asthon Chen and He Jie

Initial plot of Legend of the Blademaster is center around a village which often troubled by a group of horseback bandits. The villagers send the teacher Fan Jian (Law Kar Ying) to the city to hire swordsmen to protect them. But unfortunately, due to the insufficient funds, Fan Jian fails to hire any competent swordsman. By twist of fate, he runs into a braggart Beggar Su and becomes Fan Jian’s savior along with two other unreliable blademasters.

The movie is scheduled to be released sometimes in October of this year.

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