Aaron Kwok & Ekin Cheng – Wind and Cloud Justice

The Storm Warriors EP

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The main theme of The Storm Warriors is not included on in the original soundtrack CD due to Aaron Kwok and Ekin Cheng belong to different music labels. But the duet version is released on The Storm Warriors EP by Aaron Kwok.

Song: Wind and Cloud Justice
Theme: The Storm Warriors
Artist: Aaron Kwok and Ekin Cheng

Cloud: Cloud no trace, come and go as fog, back shadow covers the blood road
Wind: Wind will not rest, shaking its misfortune

Woo oh
Woo oh
Woo oh

Cloud: Who, has yield dominance, able to handle Good, why enforcing the law will lead to loosing principles
Wind: Difficult to remove armor, difference between Good and Evil depends on the heights

Wind & Cloud: Fist and heavenly battle
After wining, the hearts will battle
Successful moves must have aftermath
Greet the meeting of the grudges
True martial arts masters must endure removing its own martial arts

Cloud: Only bow their heads if they win

Wind: A person, even without worry, there will be hate, even perfection will have hate, who is so invincible to have true friends by their side
Cloud: Even there is no God, there will be humans, like a in charge of Death and Life of the World

Wind and Cloud: Who can battle life and death
Close the world’s wound
Those that are skilled, how to stop them
The battle is lost because the victory carries the tears away

Wind: Who will not bow their heads

Cloud: The enemy will also have a big path
Wind: Protectors will also have an ending path

Cloud: Morals exist or don’t exist
Wind: How can I overturn the oceans and the heavens

Cloud: Who will shop for enlightenment of the blood road
Wind: The snow within the heart cannot be sweep away by oneself

Wind and Cloud: Who will not bow their heads

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